Żelazna 2, Face2Face, Katowice


Wielkość firmy: 303(30 in IT department)
Branża: IT
Elastyczny czas pracy
Minimum podróży służbowych
Praca zdalna 100 %


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About company

Nothing But Football. Everything In Football. We are Footballco. To over 3 billion people on earth, football is more than just a game. It’s the world they live in, and it brings out all the emotions that can be felt in a matter of seconds. It’s an exhibition of history, culture, fashion, romance, athleticism, sportsmanship and everything in between.
At Footballco we are the representation of the love we all have for the game of football. That’s why we promise to deliver content that covers all aspects of the game. On the pitch. Off the pitch. And beyond the pitch. Our audience’s love of football is mirrored in the way we create content for them, always striving to give them something more that will enhance that love.


In Katowice we currently have 25 developers (Front-End, Back-End, iOS and Android) allocated in five small self-organized teams. Our teams are constantly cooperating and collaborating with each other on a daily basis while developing our brands.

Within our IT department we are strongly focusing on creating an innovative culture that allows us to invest in ourselves, and shape our culture from the bottom-up. Think Outside the Box, It’s Game Time, Drill Sessions and Training Camp are all initiatives we have put into effect recently to strengthen our bonds and relationships at Footballco while addressing the need for personal development, career advancement, creative thinking and providing solutions to various business cases. It’s not all business though, we like to engage everyone to have some fun with these numerous activities.

Intrigued? Reach out to us to find out more on how you can play a role in having a positive influence in the environment you work in!!

Structure and posibility of being promoted

During our daily work routine, we work with each other in a very collaborative manner, supporting each other is strongly encouraged. At Footballco we decided to retain the IT market linear career path and have the following progression for developers (Junior Engineer, Experienced Engineer, Senior Engineer, Principal Engineer). However, that being said, our approach to each other and colleagues is flat and uniform. The advancement of an individual is primarily influenced by the feedback and information provided by your colleagues and how well you are able to resolve complex problems. This pertains to not only technical skills but also soft-skills. People who uplift and inspire each other are highly valued within our organization. We are guided by the principle that the higher the position someone has, the greater responsibility they have in helping and making others become better and better. Bottom-Up and transparency are very important to everyone at Footballco.


    • Annual Bonus!! – Up to 10% of yearly salary (UoP)
    • Newest, high quality Macbook + peripherals Fully remote or office work available to all employees in technology
    • Elastic working hours – Start between 7:00-11:00
    • Work in an Agile environment, on high impact projects with an experienced & knowledgeable team
    • Entire technology department based in Poland (Approx. 40 engineers), cross-team engagement
    • Innovative Culture – bring your best self forward, no suggestions are disregarded
    • Strong engineer influence, minimal corpo culture impact, bottom up approach
    • Learning & development resources
    • Contract of employment (UoP) or B2B
    • Co-financed MultiSport card with access to thousands of sports & culture facilities
    • Pension scheme (Pracowniczy Program Emerytalny)
    • Co-financed Private medical & dental insurance – Medicover
    • Financial compensation for ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme

Additional Perks:

It’s Game Time – Once a week we engage in quick activities to support growth and creative mindset. Make a shift Monday, Think about it Tuesday, Worth a read Wednesday, Think outside the box Thursday, Flashback Friday are just some of the innovative approaches we have to stimulate our minds.

Drill Sessions – Bi-Weekly 4hr scheduled block for self or team development.

Training Camps – Once a quarter we set a date where we can all meet to discuss how we can create a positive impact on our work environment. Think of this as a cross team collaboration where everyone has a voice and no idea is disregarded. We take one day off from our daily responsibilities, go for an away day (not on office premises), assess what we work on and how we work, in order to reach our full potential.

Regular bi-weekly 1:1 sessions with Engineering Managers


Here are some of our current brands which we are developing:

Goal.com – The world’s most popular digital football destination;
Spox.com – Germany’s premium multisport website;
Voetballzone.com – The most popular independent football publisher in the Netherlands;
Calciomercato.com – Italy’s leading digital football platform;
FC Player – The world’s largest InStream sports video player.

At the moment all of them are going through some enormous changes!!

Currently we are focusing on rebuilding Goal.com with new designs and Tech Stack (React, TS, AWS, Next.js, node.js).

Simultaneously we are re-building the GOAL application for iOS & Android while utilising technologies such as KMM, Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI and Combine.

After that we are planning to rebuild our other brands so it is surely an exciting time to be part of Footballco!! Our developers are happy to say they have full ownership over the project, they are programming with the thought 'we build it, we own it’!”

Recruitment process

  1. Initial call to confirm interest in the role, introduce the company a bit and provide a few fast-fail questions. This process takes approximately 15-20 minutes.
  2. After that we schedule an interview (up to 2hrs) with the dev team & hiring manager. This interview consists of 2 parts, first covering soft-skill and English competencies, followed by a technical discussion.
  3. Lastly we provide time for the candidate to propose any questions he or she may have about the role, company and daily work life. The final decision is made by the whole team. We are always quick to respond and provide feedback, usually this is provided on the same day or the day after.
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